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While Sydney gets all the global consideration, in case you venture out for something interesting to eat then Melbourne is the place for it. The impact of massive immigration is felt at every level, from the city's long standing fixation on espresso to the European drinking society, to the complete world of Vietnamese and Chinese cuisines. Essentially, any sort of cuisine or wine you need, Melbourne has it.

Keeping that in mind, Dandenong Taxi Cab Service offers the best cab service that allows you to explore the best food, with a great deal of all the more fascinating restaurants and cafes that are newly opened to help you enjoy family-style menus or fast foods to eat. And after that, you have the bistros. Melbourne is an espresso town; however "bistros" are unbelievably good. Besides that, there are amazing spots to have wine while enjoying the beautiful weather and landscapes of the city.

The Melbourne Food and wine scenes are intriguing and madly different. If you are a food or wine lover then you should definitely travel to these exciting locations in Melbourne and Dandenong cabs always stand at your service to help you explore these new locations. So, let’s rundown to the list of these amazing restaurants and places to have wine when in Melbourne.

Cutler & Co.

Cutler and Co. are one of the best restaurants in Melbourne. Here you can enjoy a basic, bistro-like delicacy (possibly some grilled flounder to begin with followed by a giant rib eye to share), done in a top-notch dining setting that gives you an easygoing and relaxed vibe.


Yet another popular restaurant among the Dandenong Cabs’ clients is Cookie. They serve the absolute best Thai food around the local area in an enormous space that is a half bar, half café, and completely one of the highly preferred spots to eat and drink in the city.


On a peaceful road in Carlton, directly close to Melbourne University, is a pizza place that feels like it's quite a tranquil road in Rome. The menus are written by hand, photocopied and regularly canvassed in red wine stains, wine is filled in the tumblers, and the seating is so confined that you'll unquestionably be engaged in the conversation happening at the table nearby. Indeed different kinds of pasta are great, however, we'd prompt not using a lot of stomach space for those - it's about the thin-crust pizzas.


Although there are many $3 hand rolls loaded up with canned tuna fish to guarantee generally. However, Minamishima is one of the best Japanese restaurants that our clients make Melbourne taxi booking for, as they offer one of the main omakase menus around the local area and use both local fish and seafood directly imported from the Tokyo as their ingredients. Obviously, local people are all about it, so ensure you avail a Dandenong taxi service to get to this sushi bar.


Movida is indubitably the one who introduced authentic taps in Melbourne and thinking about that Spain and Australia are about as a long way from one another as you can get, this is no little accomplishment. Running down to a spray-painted laneway the city, Movida has been openly operating for 15 years and is still considered to be the best restaurant for Spanish food in Melbourne.


In contrast to those unusual wine bars that are unnaturally calm with the exception of when they start addressing you about the distinction between cabernet sauvignon and cabernet franc, Embla is totally easygoing and incredibly cool. And generally, you can pair your wine with bar snacks.

The Everleigh

Speakeasy-style bars are distant and few in number in the city, yet The Everleigh gives you’re the vibes of New York during the '20s. Climbing up the stairs you can get a view of the Gertrude Street in Fitzroy, and enjoy your drinks from the extensive list of old-school cocktails, yet the move here is to tell the barkeeps what you're in the state of mind and let them get you the best drink.

Allow Us to Help You Treat Your Taste Buds

Being the best Dandenong taxi company we assure you to reach the best restaurants and places to have wine when in the city. Be it your midnight pangs or an urge to grab a glass of wine, Dandenong cabs are 24*7 available at your service to help you get the best experience. We have a professionally structured form to make the Melbourne Taxi booking a hassle-free procedure for you. So, do not give it a second thought whenever in a mood to explore these fascinating and many more locations to enjoy different cuisine and wine in the city.

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