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One fine evening, while surfing the internet, I came across a quote which says: “Travel is the healthiest addiction”. This quote inculcated in me a feeling of how important traveling is for us! Well, folks to take this further here is a compilation of the top destinations to visit in Dandenong. And to visit these places, one can never have a better option than Dandenong Cab Service.

So people, get ready to have a ride with us to these breath-taking locations and relish the memories forever.

Burrinja Cultural Centre

What can be better than a place which has it all- ranging from live music, art activities, artist studios to gardens, café and workshops. This place is a blend of various activities and thus bags a ‘must-visit’ position in the list of the tourists.

The first-rate artists display their artwork throughout the year. Stellar performances by the theatre artists are the highlight of the place which brings various flavors like comedy, dance and family shows. Vibrant live music at the café is what everyone looks forward to.

Cloudehill Gardens

Located at the top of Dandenong, this garden is set within the historic woodlands. It boasts of an amazing collection of Himalayan trees which are a treat to the eyes and soul. What makes it more wonderful is that there are around 20 garden compartments and each consisting of a wide variety of flora.

This place should be on your mind whenever you visit Dandenong and give yourself much more to take joy in.

Cuckoo Restaurant

If you are a great food-lover and looking for some delectable food then Cuckoo restaurant is for you. It offers delicious smorgasbord which is a range of open sandwiches and delicacies to please your taste buds. Other food items like cakes and pastries also add to the specialty of this restaurant.

Live music, floor show, cowbell ringing adds that exciting factor all around the year. Wedding celebrations, family get-togethers are one of the various occasions for which Cuckoo restaurant is the best option in Dandenong.

Grants Picnic Ground

If you are a nature lover then Grants Picnic Ground will let your love for nature be satisfied. It is one of the top tourist attractions of the Dandenong Ranges. Bird-feeding is what it is famous for. Native plants and wildlife shoot up the beauty of that place.

Amazing site-seeing experience is raised by Cockatoos, Rosellas,and Parrots as they fly over the heads and high. Walking tracts are built for the visitors to have a walk and appreciate the beauty of nature.

Miss Marple’s Tearoom

One cannot afford to miss visiting Miss Marple’s Tearoom. This restaurant pays homage to the memory of Agatha Christie’s novel character Miss Marple. For sure, a visit to this restaurant means that you need extra space in your tummy to feast on the delicious meals.

The aura of this place is remarkable and has been graced with floral curtains and matching tablecloths. The desserts are such that you would not like to leave even a single drop or a piece. Mind you if you want to enjoy the delicacies then keep this place in mind.

Skyhigh MT Dandenong

A tourist attraction to experience the nature’s beauty away from the hustle and bustle of the daily routine. The name itself justifies the location of this place as the view is sensational. It relaxes the mind and the soul.

Not to worry about food too as there are cafes to satisfy your appetite. It can be followed by long walks with your loved ones. Various activities are planned all throughout the year. So sizzle up your vacations at SkyHigh.

William Ricketts Sanctuary

One of the most tranquil places on Mt Dandenong is the William Ricketts Sanctuary. Located along the Mt Dandenong tourist road, this place attracts many visitors to witness the 90 different sculptures depicting the aboriginal people.

This sanctuary was created by William Ricketts. His belief was that everyone should respect the spirituality of nature and that is why the artwork in this sanctuary has been done accordingly to reflect his philosophies. This place lets one forget the rest of the world and bask in the glory.

U-Pick Trail

Orchard is what you will find at this place. Come and savor the juicy ripe peach, delicious and tempting strawberries in the sunshine. A visit here shall also help you to gain some beneficial vitamins and minerals from the fresh produce that you will consume.

Locally-made ice creams and cakes is another attraction of this place. Treat your eyes to nature’s beauty and look forward to a fabulous day. With Dandenong Taxi Cab Service, you can expect your journey to be all-encompassing and marvelous. So think not twice and hire us to serve you with the best of our services. We shall take you to the ‘Dandenong world’ and help you experience what Dandenong holds for you.

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