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Frequently Asked Question by travellers?

1. Can I pre-book a taxi?

Yes, you can pre-book the taxi. However, we strongly suggest you make your booking at least 24 hours in advance. Furthermore, 30-40 minutes is the minimum time required. The former is highly recommended because the more time you permit us to schedule your pickup, the better we will be able to assist your needs. You can also make your booking a few months in advance, to keep yourself relaxed from travel concerns.

2. How do I book a taxi in Melbourne?

The reservation process at Dandenong Taxi Cab Services is a cakewalk. You are not supposed to pay anything in advance. No card details or booking charges are required. The payment can be made directly to the driver, at the end of the trip. Moreover, every major card is accepted by us. All you have to do is just fill up the online booking form and an automated message on the confirmation of the booking along with the booking reference number and the complete booking information.

3. How can you edit the reservations?

Just like booking, editing the booking is also an easy process. All you have to do is just visit our website and go to the previous booking you made. There you will find all the bookings you have made and you can select and make the necessary changes. Every time you initiate a change, a confirmation email will be sent to you. It is highly recommended to make the changes well before the scheduled time, so as to avoid any inconvenience or delays.

4. How do I know my card and personal details are safe?

Every booking made at Dandenong Taxi Cab Service is safe. As per the form, you are asked to enter your personal information, which stays secured with the company. No third party disclosure is entertained at our company. As far as the payment details are concerned, they are safe too. Since all the payments are made at the end of the trip, you are redirected to the secure payment page of the concerned payment service provider.

5. What if the taxi breaks down during the journey?

All the taxi drivers at Dandenong Cab Service are consistently examined along over 30 different points. However, breakdowns cannot be foreseen. In such cases, we preferably arrange for a backup taxi to make sure that your travel plans stay perpetual with a least possible delay.

Frequently Asked Question by travellers?

6. What luggage is entitled?

While getting Airport Taxi Service in Australia or booking yourself a taxi, please mention your requirements. You have message box in the form, where you can specify the number of travellers, a number of small and large luggage you intend to carry and also any other special request you want to make. Melbourne Taxi Booking provides the best service at an economical price. The information provided by you, allows us to send across the right vehicle that matches your requirements.

7. How to restore my item, if I left something in the Dandenong Taxi?

In such a situation, in the first place, you should directly place a call to the respective driver, who dropped you. The contact details of the driver will be mentioned on the booking voucher. Report him about the lost item. We will try our best to search for the item and if found we shall contact you, to update you and let you know how to retrieve it. Usually, the item is sent to you through courier, provided the charges for the transmission are to be borne by you.

8. What if the flight is changed. Can you reschedule your transfer?

In many cases, Frankston Taxi Booking Service is open to rescheduling your transfer without any issue. However, if it is the peak time, then there is a probability that we may not have the availability of arranging for the new transfer. Therefore, you should contact frankston taxi service immediately, as soon as you are informed about the changes in your flight schedule to enable us to have sufficient time on hand to reorganize any transfers.

9. How and when do you receive the driver and cab details?

Generally, Dandenong Taxi sends the taxi and driver’s information a couple of hours before the scheduled pickup. This information is transmitted to you through email or SMS.

10. What if you are not able to locate your driver?

If you are facing the issue in locating your drive, then you should place him a call mentioned in your booking voucher. However, if the number is unreachable, you can reach our Customer Care Service mentioned at our website and we will immediately assist you on the same.

Frequently Asked Question by travellers?

11. Will anyone else be travelling with you in the vehicle you book?

Dandenong Taxi and Cab Service, as one of the best taxi services in Melbourne, prioritize your privacy. Thereupon, we only offer personal transfers, so the price you pay, books the vehicle exclusively for you and your group if any.

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