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Famous Shopping Destinations in Dandenong

Famous Shopping Destinations in Dandenong

You visit a new place and don’t go for shopping. Well, it sounds so lifeless and mundane. Right? Traveling and shopping complement each other and should, in the most ideal cases, share a directly proportional relation which means the more you travel the more you should shop.

Undoubtedly, Dandenong is a treasure of some great picturesque locations but the other angle of it is the shopping destinations. Dandenong has it all which can awaken the shopaholic within you. We, Dandenong Taxi Cab Service, bring to you a list of some of the hotspots for shopping in Dandenong. So let’s get started.

1. Dandenong Market

Located at the corner of Clow and Cleeland Streets, this market is one of Melbourne’soldest markets. Being the main focus area of the region, Dandenong Market houses 150 nationalities. The range varies from stalls selling fresh fruits and vegetables, seafood and meat, and flowers to a large general merchandise area known as “The Bazaar” featuring 120 traders selling clothing, jewellery, toys, homewares, and computer equipment. This market is also famous for various events and festivals.

2. Dandenong Plaza

Located in the heart of Dandenong, Dandenong Plaza is the major-regional shopping centre. This centre has two large food courts on Level 1 and Level 2. Level 3 has a big hall of fresh food. Being in close proximity to Dandenong Hub and Dandenong Market, this attracts food-lovers at all times.

3. Little India

Melbourne’s only recognized Indian precinct, Little India offers a dazzling variety of beaded saris, beautiful clothing, and unique jewellery. It is the reflection of Indian culture with Bollywood films and music. Relish the array of Punjabi sweets and the aroma of authentic spices. Grocery stores here help you buy the traditional Indian food items to treat yourself with the Indian delicacies. Once you are here, you’ll never miss the busy markets of India.

4. Armada Dandenong Plaza

This plaza is the hottest shopping destination for it offers a good variety of different products and services. The product list is endless with beauty care clothing, computers & electrical appliances, fashion accessories, flooring, footwear, fresh food, games, garden supplies, home entertainment, jewellery, men’s wear, mobile phones, sound systems, women’s clothing, and much more to look forward to.

5. The Village Dandenong

If you are a shopaholic seeking all-in-one shopping destination then The Village Dandenong is for you. This newest mall of Dandenong South comprises of Woolworth supermarket, cafes, restaurants, lotto, discount variety store, mobile phone repair, massage store, and nail salon (Manicure). 100 undercovered spaces and onsite parking are the major features of this mall.

6. Afghan Market

This stocks a huge range of middle-eastern groceries, daily-need products, and kitchenware. If you are on a long stay in Dandenong then this store shall serve you with all your routine requirements.

7. Costume Factory

To help you get that right attire for any costume party, Costume Factory is well-stocked with all the ranges of costumes and wigs for hire, and make-up. Be it a party, a fancy dress competition, a theatrical production or a promotional event; Costume Factory shall never let you return empty-handed.

And the list continues. But here we have brought under spotlight only those market attractions which are not to be missed out at any cost. Now if you’re wondering how to reach these ‘must-visit’ markets then don’t you worry because Dandenong Taxi Cab Service is here for you. Dandenong Cabs shall take you on a journey of exploration to these shopping destinations. We are the most efficient and reliable taxi service in Australia. Hire us and get ready to know the unknown parts of Dandenong. Dandenong Taxi Booking service is just a call away or you can book us online too. Don’t be on tenterhooks and avail the efficient services of ours. We shall be waiting for you to book us.

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