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Famous Annual Festivals

Famous Annual Festivals & Events In Dandenong & Nearby Suburbs

The impulse to travel is one of the hopeful symptoms of life.”

Nature is a great therapist and Dandenong is nature’s baby. With all those breath-taking views and the appetite gratifying yum-yum food, Dandenong has it all. But have you explored the other highlights of this place?

Wondering which highlights? Here we are talking about the famous annual festivals and events that take place in Dandenong and nearby suburbs.

Well, one should wander often and wonder always. Yes, now is the time for you to wonder about these annual festivals and events and we, Dandenong Taxi Cab Service, are here to help you with that.

So let’s begin to know the unknown interesting annual festivals and events in Dandenong and nearby suburbs.

Australian Chainsaw Carving Championships

Chainsaw Carving is a form of creativity that combines present-day technology with the manual techniques of the older times. If you are planning to visit Dandenong in the month of January then get ready to be treated by the Carving Championships which are held at this time of every year.

Chainsaw Carvers from Australia, Japan, America, and the UK participate in the Chainsaw Championships. It is a sheer delight for the eyes to watch these sculptors carve out majestic masterpieces. Reserve the last day to attend the auction and purchase a souvenir to keep the memories fresh forever in your minds.

Roller Coaster Run

The Roller Coaster Run is a marathon held in the Dandenong Ranges. It features a trail of 21.5km and 43km (consisting of two trails of 21.5km).

To participate in this marathon, you need to spend some bucks and register yourself by following an online procedure. Every year, a specific route is defined for this marathon.

So keep checking the map for this year. Get ready for a fun-filled roller coaster run. You shall get to know the ‘why this name?’ part of your curiosity once you participate in this. Be a part of this marathon and prepare yourself to be on a roll.

Cloudehill Festival of Flowers

If you are a bigtime garden lover then this place is for you. This place is surely going to enrapture you with its divinity consisting of beautiful autumn colours.

This festival treats the visitors with a weekend of festivities. Garden workshops and local produce stalls are the highlights of this festival. Come along with your children and let them fall in love with gardening here for this festival welcomes children with many exciting activities.

Live music shall calm your minds and take you to another level of serenity. Explore this place and take yourself away from the hustle and bustle of your routine.


How about a fest which can provide you with the right knowledge to live a healthier lifestyle? Yes, Selbyfest is a festival which helps the visitors to learn about fitness and health to lead a healthy life.

Entertainment shows, laughter sessions, and health seminars grace this festival in an endeavour to make the people aware of their health. This event takes place at a location which has a backdrop of breath-taking Dandenong Ranges.

So come and spend quality time with your family and friends. Take a break and give yourself some time to relax.

The Herb and Chilli Festival

This festival is all about the various herbs and chillies. It intends to present the various herbs and chillies available and how to grow, store and cook those tempting dishes to give a treat to your taste buds.

Without any doubts, this festival has garnered appreciation and popularity previously. Professional chefs and amateur cooks participate in this festival. And do you know what the best part of this festival is? No? Stalls and a chilli cook-off.

Held in the month of March every year, this year too it is gearing up for an amazing time for the visitors. For the rest of the little surprises, you need to visit and witness it yourself.

PAVE Festival

The PAVE festival, previously known as Emerald Winter Fest and Emerald Funfest, is an 8-day festival which runs over the school holidays/ Easter period. Being a community event it includes exhibitions, dance shows, music, and a great variety of stalls.

It also hosts a masquerade ball where you can wear your best Venetian mask. Besides this, puppeteers, comedy shows, live bands, workshops, and so much more is there to greet you.

It is purely a family event so don’t miss to bring your family along with you here.

Jazz on Puffing Billy

Get ready to be treated in a fantastic night for Dandenong Ranges have so much to offer. Live jazz performance on the iconic Puffing Billy railway shall sweep you off your feet while you enjoy the delicious food there.

You will be greeted by heritage dining carriages, all ready to serve you with the mouth-watering drinks and dishes. And here we are sure that words cannot define what it shall feel like when you’ll experience it.


Get the authentic Oktoberfest feel at Cuckoo restaurant. This restaurant offers delectable drinks and food throughout the year.

But do you know what is more special about this restaurant? If not, then let us help you out. For Oktoberfest, this restaurant hosts the much awaited day of the year where it has lederhosen, pretzels, yodelling, and great food on the list. Get ready to taste some authentic beers too.

Giro Della Donna

A cycling race that occurs every year in the month of November between Warburton, Giro Della Donna lets you explore the beautiful forest areas with tall trees and ferns on each side. There are steep and sharp corners and so the riders have to be very cautious in these areas.

The scenic beauty of this place shall always stay in your memory and you can rewind whenever you want to live those memories again.

What are you waiting for?

Hey, you know what, it is better to see something once than to hear about it a thousand times.

Dandenong Taxi Cab Service is here to take you to these fun-filled and interesting events. Book our Dandenong taxi service and you shall experience the utmost comfort while witnessing the picture-perfect locations.

Our Dandenong taxi booking service shall let you explore what was hidden earlier.

So just throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbour. Catch the trade winds in your sails.

Explore. Dream. Discover.

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