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Dandenong ranges hubs major tourist spots ranging from the beautiful flora and fauna to Australia’s indigenous connections. The ranges comprise of exclusive and magnetic site-seeing destinations that are bliss for both the locals and the foreigners.

We at Dandenong Taxi Cab Service, assure you a comfortable and most beautiful ride to these locations to leave you to astound by their splendour. So, without wasting much of our time let’s get rolling to the best Dandenong Ranges Attractions, that one can prefer for weekend getaways.

Olinda Falls

Situated in the Olinda Reserve, these Falls might not be that gigantic as the thought of, but it is beautiful enough to get you the best experience of the Ranges. However, the lower part of the falls will seem to be calmer while the upper falls will lend you a charismatic view of the natural landscapes all across the place.

Sherbrooke Falls

Sherbrooke Falls

Apart from Olinda, Sherbrooke is another waterfall that is certain to catch your sight at the first go as it is comparatively massive. Moreover, it is taken to be a popular oasis between the luscious green landscape of the ranges. The Dandenong Cabs allows you to reach the Sherbrooke Picnic Ground hassle-free, where you encounter the mind-boggling natural landscapes, such as mountain ash trees and the neat rows of the region’s finest sassafras.

Dandenong Ranges Botanic Garden

It is considered to be one of the most favourite and peaceful tourist attractions. With beautiful spring colours and autumn foliage, this spot is totally breath-taking. Earlier this location was famous as the National Rhododendron Gardens. The expert drivers at Dandenong Cabs, allows the traveller to capture the beautiful sight of green walking tracks, a small lake, and other attractive views and picnic spots.

Here one can also spot the lyrebirds scratching sound apparently unaware to the visitors. These ranges can be made easily accessible with the best cab service in Melbourne.

Emerald Lake Park

Emerald Lake Park

Beautifully laid walking tracks coupled with the attractively decorated lake, renders the Emerald Lake Park is one of the popular tourist destinations in the Dandenong Ranges Attractions.

However, one can take the Puffing Billy Stream Train that halts nearby, from where paddleboats can be hired. Furthermore, one can also witness the beautiful site of autumn colours, a small railway and a café along with the swimming pool. It is one of the superb spots for a picnic with complete barbeque facilities, shelters, and even picnic tables.

Puffing Billy

Puffing Billy is considered to be one of the most excellently maintained steam railway in the world. Over a century old, this steam train that still takes along its original route of 25 kilometres laid right amid the mountain, from Belgrave to Gembrook. One can also enjoy the fine-dine services along with spectacular natural views. To enjoy this beauty, all you have to do is just make an online Melbourne Taxi booking and you are good to go.

Sky High Mt. Dandenong

Sky High Mt. Dandenong

The most famous and scintillating views from the SkyHigh Mt. Dandenong is yet another beautiful site that one cannot afford to miss when in Australia. The beautiful views of the gardens and maze along with the Giant Chair’s view make it an exceptionally great and popular site in the Dandenong Ranges. Not only this, but you can also captivate the serenity of the luscious green lawns and canopy of the Australian Blackwood. The beautiful views of the gardens and maze along with the Giant Chair’s view make it an exceptionally great and popular site.

Tesselaar Tulip Festival

Dandenong Taxi Cab Service offers you services that help you explore the eastern suburbs of Melbourne, right into the high and deep misty blue Dandenong Ranges. While treading through this way, one can find the steam train, cafes situated right beyond the massive ferns of the Sherbrooke Forest.

Alfred Nicholas Gardens – Lake and Boat Shed

If ever searched Dandenong Ranges on the internet, one is certain to find the decorated lake surrounded by the autumn colors, i.e. the Alfred Nicholas Gardens. The best part about this spot is that you can explore this beauty throughout the season. While traveling in the Dandenong Taxis, you can reap the maximum benefits of exploring such exclusively pretty locations.

William Ricketts Sanctuary

As the name suggests, William Ricketts possessed a vision and an amazing talent for sculpting. Located right between the rainforest and Mountain Ash of Mt. Dandenong, this place can be easily enjoyed with the best cab service in Melbourne, which can be easily booked online.

1000 steps

Yet another beautiful destination is famous 1000 steps walking the track, which is a big hit among the hikers. Thousands of people from almost all the ages and nationalities visit this place for tough hiking trails on a daily basis.

Explore the Dandenong Ranges

In the nutshell, Dandenong Ranges is the complete epitome of Australian soil. So, when in Australia, you cannot really miss out on these amazing tourist attractions. If you are wondering, that how can you access these ranges, then do not worry, book us online and enjoy the beauty of these spots under the guidance of our proficient cab drivers at the Dandenong Taxi Cab Service.

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