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Melbourne is considered the best coastal city situated in the South East of Australia. Besides its fascinating food, culture, and cricket, this place is also well-known for its beaches that are certain to jaw-drop you, your friends and family.

We at Dandenong Cabs understand and take pride in being a part of the land of beautiful beaches. Perhaps, to enable you to spend your quality time with friends and family at these enchanting beaches, we provide the best taxi service in Melbourne. Are you excited to discover the best beaches in Melbourne when you are in the city? So, let’s get started:

St. Kilda Beach

One of the most famous beaches in Melbourne, St. Kilda is known for its beautiful weather accompanied by a wide variety of qualitative restaurants and delectable cuisines. You can also enjoy various activities like swimming, surfing, sunbathing and fishing, when at this beach. With more than 700 m of length, it is the most frequently visited beach by both the locals and the tourists. And getting to St. Kilda is extremely easy by making a Melbourne Taxi booking with us online.

Half Moon Bay Beach

Located 40 minutes away from the city, this is also one of the most famous tourist spots in Melbourne. This beach got its name from the shape of the crescent moon and is considered to be one of the securest and peaceful beaches in Melbourne. 350 m long, this beach is a must-visit whenever you are in the city. Moreover, if you are fond of snorkelling, then you should definitely keep it on your must-visit list.

Brighton Beach

This beach is named after the well-renowned Brighton beach, situated in the UK. With colourful bath boxes placed on its shore, this beach is a treat to your eyes. Every box is identical to each other both in its shape and size. The serene blue water with an oomph of the soft sand, shining bright under the golden sunlight, is a perfect combination to sweep away your feet that gives you a relaxing vibe. To enjoy the beauty of this beach, when in the city just book the best taxi service Melbourne with us at Dandenong Cabs and you are ready to explore the most enchanting sight.

Mothers Beach

Situated in Mornington, this beach is a treat to the eyes and minds of the travelers, whether in a group or alone. Most secure and favorite spot amongst the locals, Mothers beach is a not-to-miss beach in Melbourne. Besides barbeque, other interesting facilities for the picnics, weekend getaways, and many other outings are available here. You can also hire a kayak or canoe to explore the beauty of the sea as the water here is safe and not too deep.

Elwood Beach

Over 1.3 m long, this beach is one of the greatest as well as massive reserves located in the suburbs of Elwood. If traveling with kids to Melbourne, then you should definitely visit this beach because there are too many activities for the kids to perform and enjoy. The waters of this beach are extremely calm which makes it easier for the people to swim. Besides that, if you are looking forward to just relax, then there are a couple of high-quality restaurants and cafes here. Therefore, whether a local or a tourist you can easily make a Melbourne taxi booking with us online.

Williamstown Beach

Located in the closer proximity to the city, Williamstown beach is the most frequently visited beaches in Melbourne. It is also famous as Willy beach, lending the breath-taking sights to its visitors with an amazing view of skyscrapers spread across the city. It is the favorite spot for both deep-sea divers as well as the paddlers. So, next time when you are in the city do not forget to visit this beach with Dandenong Cabs, to have an even more relaxing and convenient experience.

Sorrento Beach

Yet another beautiful beach in Melbourne, Sorrento is the beach for people coming from any age-group. Moreover, being the best cab service in Dandenong and Melbourne, we make this 2-hour drive from Melbourne a highly relaxing and comfortable experience for our clients. This beach is best enjoyed in the evening, as the sunsets here are highly divine and to die for. Moreover, in summers the water is extraordinarily clear. Therefore, it is the ideal time for the swimmers to visit this beach.

Explore the Best Beaches in Melbourne with Dandenong Taxi Cab Service

Who does not love to relax under the summer sun by the calm beaches? To help you relax and follow your water sports passions, Dandenong Cabs has made it easy for you to make Melbourne taxi booking online and explore all the above-mentioned beaches. So, next time when you plan a trip to Melbourne, do not forget to visit these scintillating beaches. Also, you can hire us for the best taxi service in Melbourne to help you save both on money and time. Happy Travelling……

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